Eqbal Ahmad (1933 – 1999) was a notable Pakistani political scientist, author, and philanthropist, known for his global academic contributions. He began his academic journey in economics at Forman Christian College, Lahore, in 1951. After a brief stint as an army officer, he pursued studies in the United States, where he specialized in political science and Middle Eastern history at Occidental College and Princeton University, earning his Ph.D. in 1965.

Between 1968 and 1972, he was a fellow at the University of Chicago. In 1973, he moved to Amsterdam and founded the Transnational Institute in 1974, holding the position until 1975. He returned to the U.S. in 1982 and became a tenured professor at Hampshire College, teaching until he achieved Professor Emeritus status in 1997.

Eqbal Ahmad served as the founding chancellor of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, an institution dedicated to textiles, science, design, and business studies. The institute aimed to uphold Eqbal Ahmad’s values, emphasizing his commitment to education and social progress. As part of this commitment, the institute annually presents the prestigious Dr. Eqbal Ahmad Achievement Award to a graduate who exemplifies these values. The recipient is chosen by the institute’s faculty to be announced in its convocation ceremony. This award symbolizes Eqbal Ahmad’s enduring influence and dedication to fostering educational and societal development.

The need for the establishment of TIP was felt keeping in mind the Textile Industry which is the largest industrial sector of Pakistan. The country’s textile sector not only generates the country’s highest export earnings of about 45%, but it also provides the bulk of employment (39%) to a largely underutilized workforce. The reason for this underutilization lies primarily in poor managerial efficiencies, low still levels, and inadequate literacy of the employed workforce.

Recognizing the need to fill the growing vacuum, TIP was founded in 1994 under the aegis of APTMA in affiliation with the University of Clemson. Initially, TIP’s course content and syllabi were developed by faculty at Clemson University, the USA with which there was a student exchange program for the award of degrees.

In 2001, TIP was awarded a degree-awarding charter by the Government of Sindh. TIP is authorized to award its degrees under recognition of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

In the past, TIP has also enjoyed a higher education link with the University of Manchester, the UK through the British Council. Credits obtained at TIP are still transferable, and several students have completed their 4 years undergraduate programs with a UoM degree after completing their initial 2 years at TIP.

The key objective of TIP was to provide professional education and training to a new class of young professionals by honing their managerial and scientific skills in addition to providing necessary theoretical knowledge.

Realizing the importance of this segment to Pakistan’s export potential, the Export Promotion Bureau has played a significant role in the development of TIP in the shape of generous financial assistance through the EDF (export development fund).

Since its establishment, TIP has served the needs of the industry to a large extent and is gearing up its resources to meet their further requirements. So far, all TIP graduates have been taken up by the domestic textile industry as well as non-textile sectors, barring those who have gone abroad in pursuit of higher education.

In 2007, TIP established its first research center, Textile Research & Innovation Centre (TRIC) aimed at promoting advanced materials research in the field of technical textiles.

It has always been the core objective of TIP to align its operations with its vision, mission, and core values which has enabled it to achieve and continue achieving international academic and research excellence.

Beginning the journey in 1994, the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) firmly established itself in Karachi to provide an opportunity for students who are willing to pursue their careers in the textile sector of Pakistan.

The current Chancellor of TIP, Mr. Shahid Shafiq, as well as President Mr. Humayun Zafar, have been at the helm of affairs for the last 6 years made strenuous& untiring efforts to bring TIP to another phase of success with their unflinching devotion &

TIP is not only recognized nationally but internationally as well and right now the institute is providing graduates the opportunities to learn the skills with passion & in line with the textile industry’s requirements. TIP’s journey is a long one, this is the year of its silver jubilee, the main campus building is one of the finest infrastructures, in terms of construction, layout, design with fine lush greenery all around, supplemented by an artificial lake, the hallmark of TIP is its 100-foot tower soaring in the sky.

The environment of TIP assists the students in grasping the concepts & ideas in learning new skills related to any discipline because of peaceful & tranquil surroundings. The students admire the quality of education with advanced labs and the availability of all types of resources.

The academic environment of the Institute makes it convenient for the students to get assistance & guidance from the faculty.

The students’ intake at TIP is increasing steadily year by year because of its disciplines that are popular in the industry namely BS in Textile Science, BS in industrial manufacturing & Management, BS in Textile Design Technology, BBA in Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising, BBA in Textile Management & Marketing, and BBA in Fashion Design Management. BS in Textile Design Technology is our flagship program, due to its popularity amongst the students. TIP regularly conducts seminars, conferences & symposiums and the textile industry actively takes part and provides its valuable feedback. These events provide a learning platform for the students and help them in establishing business networking.

Lectures on soft-skills enhancement provide TIP students a head start wherever they go focusing on more extensive career and personal development.

90% of TIP Students have job offers before their graduation.

Job Fairs are regularly held at the Campus, the idea is to provide the students and their prospective employers a common platform to share the market trends as well as job requirements and expectations.

National Textile Foundation (the Foundation) has been established as a Body Corporate under Society Registration Act, XXI of 1860 on October 31, 1994, with the main objective to establish, finance, and run Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) and such other institutions of higher education in textiles.

The Foundation is an educational society and a non-profit organization duly certified by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP).

A Board of Governors, comprising of leading industrialists from the textile sector, administers the affairs of the Foundation.