The campus has sports facilities, which include a cricket ground, net practice pitch, jogging track, squash courts, volleyball and basketball courts, table tennis facilities, pool tables, table football (foosball), chess tables.

The campus also has fully functional gymnasium facilities in the hostel as well as the campus gym. Tournaments of all sorts are organized all year round. Various TIP teams regularly participate in regional sporting events. All activities encourage the participation of students and Alumni, which further promotes socialisation and networking between them.

Beside sports, the amphitheatre (open-air theatre), auditorium and cafeteria at the student centre boast hosting numerous events, such as plays, movie screenings, debates, poetry reading, exhibitions, seminars, etc.

Student Committees organize picnics and other cultural activities. Basant with kite flying is held annually. This diversion in an otherwise demanding academic routine helps to provide healthy relief.