The institute is purpose built (200,000 sq.ft. covered area) along a state of the art architectural design by a leading architect on 50 acres of land located on the National Highway about 30 minutes drive from the airport. The architecture features of interior and exterior design are in consonance with the climatic and topographical need to soften the harshness of Karachi’s physical and social environment.

While not ostentatious, the premises are air-conditioned and fitted with pleasant fixtures, wood work and finishing. The exterior is adorned with beautifully sprawling lawns and a miniature lake complete with complementing fauna in its natural habitat. The campus houses all requisite facilities as per internationally acceptable standards including residential advantages.

TIP’s campus provides students the benefit of being away from noise, pollution and distractions of metropolitan life by providing them with a healthy, serene, visually attractive and enabling environment.

For scholars of any discipline, it is difficult not to appreciate the architectural beauty of the campus in harmony with the natural environment and wildlife of Karachi. It also is not uncommon for students to utilize weekends to explore natural and historical offerings, such as Russian Beach and Chaukandi ruins, located close to the campus. Life on campus teaches students to learn to be independent, though in a controlled and secure environment, preparing them for life ahead.

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Security is a priority at TIP. TIP provides its students and residents 24 hour security facilitated by campus vigilance, security guards and well lit grounds and campus spaces during the night. The campus grounds are enclosed by boundary walls and the buildings and gates are continuously patrolled by dedicated security personnel.

The Eqbal Ahmad Student Centre is one of the liveliest places on campus. The centre houses dining facilities for the students and the faculty as well as table tennis and table football to help students and faculty unwind from their demanding academic schedules and endeavours.

The building also houses a tuck shop which enables students to purchase stationery, art supplies, food items and other amenities as per their requirements.

The Eqbal Ahmad Student Centre hosts a number of events including competitions, exhibitions and jamming sessions. TIP’s exhibition gallery is located on the centre’s second level which annually hosts artwork displays of Textile Design students as well as art workshops.

A spacious Lecture Theater is located in the heart of the academic block remains constantly engaged in hosting a range of events from guest speaker sessions, lectures, plays, movie screenings, debates, poetry reading, seminars and presentations.

The space is has a state of the art design in terms of technology and acoustic benefits.