Hostel Facility

The hostels serve as a home for students. The rooms are equipped with two single beds, a writing table and a table lamp. There is adequate wardrobe space for clothes. All students residing in the hostel are expected to conform to hostel rules and regulations. Residence in the hostel is conditional upon proper use and care of the property and considerate behaviour towards others. Hostelites may not leave premises without prior permission of the wardens. Girls are required to be indoors except meal times or during classes and may not leave campus unless authorized by parent/guardian after filling an authorization form.

All necessary basic medicines and first aid facilities are provided on campus for all students and staff. A full time vehicle has also been set aside for emergency visits to the nearby hospitals for the students residing on campus. It is expected that residents will treat the facilities with respect and honesty as they would in their own homes.

Hostel Wardens

Resident Wardens for both boys and girls hostels are available on campus full time. TIP is very conscious of its responsibility for the welfare and safety of students living in the residences. The Institute reserves the right to make any changes in the hostel rules anytime during the course of the academic year.