A modern and spacious air-conditioned two-storey library is housed in the academic complex. It has been designed to carry more than 20,000 volumes. The library holds over 9,000 books on technical subjects and adds appropriate new titles to update its collection regularly to make available the latest resource material for the students and faculty. Its comprehensive collection underpins the teaching and learning programmes for faculty and students.

The first floor houses the multimedia and audio-visual facilities apart from the cubicles for individual study, and rooms for group study sessions.

The library regularly subscribes to journals in textile science, textile design, apparel, computers, communications, marketing, management and fashion. Books and articles can be searched through library information software according to author, title or subject.

TIP has recently launched its e-library. The purpose of e-library is to make available, to the students and faculty, books and various reading material through intranet. Presently, more than 500 books and numerous electronic articles are available belonging to various genres.