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Textile Laboratories

There are five textile laboratories i.e. Spinning, Fibre & Yarn Testing, Fabric Formation, Fabric Analysing and Wet Processing labs built on campus.

Spinning Lab

The spinning lab has a covered area of 10,000 sq. ft and is centrally air conditioned with the state-of-the-art LUWA A/C plant. Yarn formation, spinning mechanism, quality assurance of textiles and advanced fibre processing courses are supported by laboratory practicals.
The lab has advanced staple and fibre processing units:

  • The Trutzschler Cleanomat system blow-room with chute feed
  • DK-803 carding machine
  • HSR 1000 high performance draw frame
  • Howa-87 Simplex Frame
  • EJM-128 Chinese Ring Spinning Frame
  • Murata mach coner
  • Automatic winder No. 7-V
  • Murata two for one twister

Students are taught the importance and functions of different parts of machines, operating machines at required speeds, calculating draft, twist, output rate etc., as required for various practical assignments. Practical knowledge gained in the laboratory gives students hands-on experience in their professional work.

Fabric Formation Lab

The weaving lab currently has a powerloom installed for demonstration and practical purposes.
In addition, the following looms are available for the design students to produce their assigned/ chosen projects:Fabric

  • 1 Rapier shuttle-less loom
  • 17 sample dobby handlooms
  • 2 production dobby handlooms
  • 2 production Jacquard handlooms
  • 1 sample Jacquard loom
  • Other shuttle-less looms such as air-jet and projectile are on order.
In addition, the following looms are available for the design students to produce their assigned projects:
  • 40 sample handlooms
  • 2 production dobby handlooms
  • 3 production Jacquard handlooms