Since its establishment, TIP has been committed to becoming an institution of international standards and has been following curricula that are in line with international practices.

In keeping with our commitment to quality, TIP has arranged collaborations with several European universities. Details are as under:

TIP has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Swiss Textile and Fashion School (STF) Zurich on 1st January 2016 to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs and to work jointly in order to foster the emerging trends of art and design. The STF is an internationally recognized training institution in the disciplines of textiles, fashion, and management since 1881. A visit to the Swiss Textile and Fashion School (STF) by the TIP students and faculty (January 2019) provided a profound knowledge of the current trends and also about the emerging job requirements in the fashion industry.

TIP has also signed an MoU with Albert de Mun Fashion Institute based in Paris through the collaboration of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). President TIP paid a visit to the institute in Oct 2017 in order to discuss matters of mutual interest. The paramount initiative was to conduct a joint fashion show and encourage student and faculty exchange programs, on a short-term basis.