“TIP, an internationally recognized educational institution, providing open, free and challenging environment for research based learning, to develop stakeholder-preferred human resources, with creative and well rounded personalities, for the management and enhancement of Socio-Economic Value Addition.”

To provide state of the art academic facilities, infrastructure for both education and training of students, to facilitate them in competing internationally and to inculcate the habit of preserving the environment by supplementing their efforts and energies in areas of social responsibility and by becoming law abiding citizens.

Furthermore, the institute undertakes the responsibility of instilling the sense of ownership, respect of superiors, helping the downtrodden and less privileged members of the society with a clear focus on worth ethics and character building by producing valuable human capital to deliver assignments and create value in textile sector through honing their entrepreneurial skills and effective decision making capabilities.

  • Constant pursuit of excellence in all we think, do and teach.
  • Gender equality and sensitivity to respective needs.
  • Equal opportunities to all regardless of origin, caste, creed, race, faith or gender.
  • No one who otherwise qualifies to be educated at TIP is denied such education on grounds of financial insufficiency.
  • An open and transparent academic environment based on unqualified merit for all policies and activities at TIP ensuring no compromise on the abilities, performance and development of the Faculty.
  • Respect tolerance and leveraging of culture, custom, diversity and debate leading to larger understanding of socio-economic and human right issues.
  • Highest level of intellectual, operational and financial integrity and compliance with the law of the land.
  • A learning organization.
  • Highest standards of integrity, discipline, tolerance, work/business ethics and respect for rule of law amongst students.
  • Courtesy, grace and mutual respect, at all levels, in all interpersonal relationships and choice of words. Informality does not replace courtesy.