General Secretary


Bake Sale

An extravagant and a jazzy bake sale was held on campus earlier in December, 2022 as a part of an assignment given to the students of Principles of Management. This event was attended by teachers and the management in campus. It was a happening event where everyone enjoyed the delicacies brought in by the students. Seen engaging with the students are the teachers and the President, Mr. Humayun Zafar. The official photographer was Ms. Ramsha Soomro FDM 2A collaboration with SM Denim Mills Syed Saad Shah, student of AMM 3A has manufactured a denim product in collaboration with SM Demin Mills. The bag resembles a pair of denim pants. It was selected by SM Denim’s PD department for Premier Vision Exhibition held at Milan, Italy on November, 23rd and 24th. This product gained accolades for the institute. We take pride in our students’ work and encourage young talent to display their creativity at all times.

Sindh Cultural Day

No article of clothing in the Indus Valley Civilization is as much a symbol of history, culture and native wisdom as Ajrak, a dexterously block printed cloth, dyed in natural agents tried and tested over centuries. It has patterns that change meanings with slightest variations in color and design. Over the centuries, the most common symbolism attached to Ajrak is as a shawl that marks honour, nobleness, and civility of its wearer; young or old, man, woman or child. Most commonly associated with the sartorial practices of communities living in today’s province of Sindh of Pakistan. Our Sindhi students presented faculty members with Ajrak as a token of respect and honour. It was a day worth remembering. Sindhi tunes were played to celebrate the cultural day of Sindh.

Recruitment & Selection Drive

Two recruitment and selection drives were held on campus to facilitate the final year students of the Institute. Soorty and Diner’s facilitated final year students with the criteria required for the prospective employees and what the industry demands from the fresh talent.

Women Entrepreneurship Launch

For the expanding of women entrepreneurship across Pakistan in wake of easing the means of financing their businesses at the grass roots level, Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) as per its mandate has planned to look into the areas of women dependency on others for their day-to-day business practices and aimed at training them through various methods and adopt latest trends to set up their own businesses as a means to earn and be independent.

The students and faculty members of TIP, Mr. Baghpati and Mr. Gauhar Ajmal represented the Institute with their products for TDAPs newly developed website on ‘Women Entrepreneurship’. This event was inaugurated by Mr. Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive TDAP. The event was attended by well known women entrepreneurs.