President's Message

It is indeed a great pleasure to welcome you to be a part of Textile Institute of Pakistan’s (TIP) student body. We, at the Textile Institute of Pakistan are striving for a higher education quality with assured jobs in the best Textile/Textile Composite/Chemical units of the country along with an enhanced socio-cultural experience which will develop, polish and round off your personality in order to be competitive with other graduates of reputed institutions.

In keeping our philosophy of education, “Think, Innovate and Progress”, we yearn to provide our students with an academic environment that stimulates and encourage critical thinking, problem solving and an innovative approach in all areas of their educational experience at TIP.

The objective is to develop our students into good human beings and strong professionals who will not only excel in their chosen field but will also serve their communities admirably. As part of our commitment to provide equal opportunity to all students, TIP offers need cum merit scholarships to deserving students.

TIP’s campus is set in a landscaped, purpose-built 50 acre land on the outskirts of Karachi. It provides a blend of the state of the art academic buildings, hostels and wide open spaces with lush green lawns and tree plantations which serve to provide an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating setting for serious academic environment as well as for personal development.

At TIP, we encourage and sponsor student’s co-curricular activities and allow them to manage themselves and their events through elected student bodies in the shape of the Textile Institute’s Student Forum and subject-specific societies. These student managed activities and events which run consistently throughout the academic year challenge and satisfy students, while contributing to the dynamic environment of TIP. Fully equipped sports facilities allow students to keep themselves physically fit for their academic schedules and challenges. TIP’s modern and comfortable hostel facilities provide a unique flavor to the ambience of student life.

By joining TIP and acquiring a professional specialization in one of the five areas i.e. Textile Design Technology, Textile Science, Textile Management and Marketing, Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising and Fashion Design Management, you would be on your way to becoming a highly qualified member of the largest and most rapidly developing industries of Pakistan which constitute textile, chemicals and allied industries.

Globally and in Pakistan, the textile industry is rapidly evolving from the traditional cotton textiles limited to apparel and home textiles, into an industry which provides advanced materials for all facets of human living through the blending and fusion of advanced chemicals, new materials, compact cotton and natural fibers. Today, newly developed textiles are being used in space exploration, building materials, defense equipment, medical instruments, transportation, advanced apparels and a range of other fields providing unparalleled opportunities for accelerated growth and development. By graduating from TIP, you will join an elite band of professionals who are transforming the traditional textile industry of Pakistan into an exciting and fast growing industry which thrive on innovation, developing new materials and providing solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

Furthermore, a degree from TIP would not only enable to foster growth, but will also harness your academic capabilities with the future leadership challenges that lie ahead.

Over its 20 years of existence, TIP graduates have become much sought after professionals by the Textile Industry of Pakistan. It is for this reason that all TIP graduates who step into professional life find lucrative jobs in the leading textile units of Pakistan.

To date, TIP has produced over 1100 graduates who form the backbone of professional management in one of the largest and most progressive of the textile, chemicals and its allied components in Pakistan. Graduating from TIP will place you in the powerful position of being quickly employed at a premium salary with an accelerated career path for faster growth and development.

Humayun Zafar