The lab consists of sophisticated equipment to enable various tests to be conducted to determine the quality, grade and standard of conversion from fibre to yarn. Some of the available equipment is as under:

  • Uster Fibrograph – 730
  • Uster Micronair – 775
  • Uster Stelo Meter – 754
  • Uster UniformityTester UT4-SX
  • Uster Calorimeter – 750
  • Uster Autosorter – UAS – 4
  • Stelo Meter
  • Uster Testing & Analysing
  • Instrument UT-4
Additional equipment includes ring wrapping reel, lea tester, TPI testing machine and electronic balance (Count Testing).

Fabric Formation Lab

The fabric formation laboratory includes following machines for demonstration and practical purposes:

  • 1 Shuttle power loom
  • 1 Shuttle-less Rapier loom
  • 1 Shuttle-less airjet loom
  • 1 single knit circular knitting machine
  • 1 double knit circular knitting machine
  • 6 manual “V” flatbed-knitting machines
  • 2 socks knitting machines
In addition, the following looms are available for the design students to produce their assigned projects:
  • 40 sample handlooms
  • 2 production dobby handlooms
  • 3 production Jacquard handlooms

Fabric Analyzing Lab

Fabric Analyses allows determination of quality and fabric behaviour required for particular end-use through tests on such equipment as:

  • NU Martindale (J.H.H., U.K.)
  • Morapex-A (M. Helbotex)
  • Crease recovery tester
  • Polarizing Microscope
  • Strength Tester (Titan, J.H.H.), for yarn and fabric Tensile strength, tare strength, etc.
Other instruments include GSM cutter, perspirometer, strength tester, crockmeter, etc