TIP and NIZAM Extend Collaboration Beyond Successful Project Year

Strengthening Sustainable Partnerships: TIP and NIZAM Extend Collaboration Beyond Successful Project Year

We are delighted to announce the extended collaboration between the Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) and H. Nizam Din & Sons Private Limited (NIZAM) following a successful first year. This ongoing partnership unfolds within and beyond the two-year develop project, “Circular Economy for Humanitarian Aid Products: A Sustainable Transition for Pakistan Manufacturing and Packaging of Disaster Relief Blankets” co-financed by DEG Impulse gGmbH, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

TIP’s commitment involves seamlessly integrating four lecture modules from Closed Loop Fashion into its curriculum, enriching students with valuable insights into sustainable practices within the textile industry. Simultaneously, NIZAM will serve as a crucial partner in industry-wide capacity building and training throughout the project’s lifecycle.

In the spirit of shared knowledge and progress, both entities will actively participate in collaborative initiatives, such as training sessions, joint webinars, and the creation of a comprehensive guideline manual. This cooperative approach ensures that the wealth of insights gained is disseminated industry-wide, contributing to the sustainable growth of the sector.

TIP and NIZAM continue to redefine industry norms through their collaborative vision, forging a more sustainable and socially responsible textile landscape. The focus on innovation, sustainability, and shared responsibility propels both parties toward their common goal of reshaping the textile industry’s future.