Highlights from the Product Development Showcase 2024

The Textile Institute of Pakistan recently hosted an inspiring Product Development Showcase,
where over 100 talented students from various disciplines, including Textile Design Technology,
Textile Management & Marketing, Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising, Fashion Design
Management, and Industrial Manufacturing & Management, presented more than 20 unique
products they developed. This grand event highlighted the culmination of their hard work,
creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, providing them with a platform to exhibit their innovative
projects. The collaborative approach, involving students from TDT, TMM, AMM, FDM, and IMM,
enabled them to work with diverse teams, fostering a deeper understanding of diversity and
culture. The projects were supervised by the esteemed Dr. Umair A. Siddiqui.

The event was further honored by the presence of an esteemed external jury, including Saad
Zuberi (Product Development Head, Lucky Textile Mills), Saba Saad (Entrepreneur, Swan
Brand), and Ifrah Mirza (Entrepreneur/ Trend and Forecasting Specialist, and our Alumni). Their
insights and evaluations were invaluable in recognizing the exceptional talent on display.
Additionally, despite his busy schedule, our President Dr. Zubair Bandukda attended the
showcase to appreciate and encourage the students.

Let’s have a look at some of the standout creations from this remarkable display.

Mould and Carve: Safari-Themed Home Decor

Creators: Areeba Zulfiqar (AMM), Zoha Talha (TDT), Muhammad Zia Rizwan (TMM), Ali
Muhammad Virani (TMM), Sabika Zehra (FDM)

Mould and Carve brought the outdoors into the home with their safari-themed collection. The
standout pieces included a versatile sheep-shaped multipurpose stool and a playful
giraffe-shaped swing. These designs blended modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship,
creating elegant, safari-inspired decor that prioritizes eco-friendly materials, safety, and

Zephyr Craze Scrubs: Revolutionizing Medical Attire

Creators: Bisma Tariq (TDT), Awais Khan (TMM), Furqan Mansoor (TMM), Ahsan Mustafa
(IMM), Shehzeem Khan (AMM)

Zephyr Craze Scrubs showcased the future of medical attire, combining innovation with
sustainability. Their scrubs, made from a comfortable cotton-polyester blend with advanced
antimicrobial treatment, are designed to repel spills and maintain a pristine appearance wash
after wash. Intricate embroidery celebrating diverse medical specialties added a touch of
individuality, ensuring healthcare professionals feel confident and empowered.

Fashion Fusion: Elegance for Every Occasion

Creators: Muhammad Ashan (TMM), Verdah Khan (TMM), Maryam (FDM), Sania Ghani (TDT),
Muzammil Ahmed (AMM)

Fashion Fusion introduced a versatile dress brand that seamlessly blends the elegance of bridal
wear with the comfort of casual attire. Catering to modern women, their collection offers stylish
and practical clothing that transitions effortlessly from special events to everyday wear,
highlighting quality, design, and versatility.

Starken: Adaptive Clothing for Specially Abled Individuals

Creators: Areeba, Abdul Nafay Khan, Hani Kamran Sheikh, Huma Ilyas, Masooma Tahir, Sohaib

Starken presented innovative adaptive clothing designed for specially-abled individuals. Their
stylish and functional apparel features easy-fastening mechanisms and modern aesthetics,
enhancing daily living while promoting inclusivity and confidence. Starken’s project keeps the
philosophy of “Innovation Meets Sustainability.”

Fit Flex Fitness: Your Ultimate Health Sidekick

Creators: Syed Hasnain Raza, Talat Hussain Shah, Suhaibullah Hassam

Fit Flex Fitness introduced a comprehensive health-tracking solution. Their product features
body temperature monitoring, heart rate tracking, SpO2 level measurement, room temperature
awareness, and humidity monitoring. This innovative device ensures users stay informed and
comfortable, whether working out or relaxing.

Jute-Cotton Fabric Garment with Traditional Embroidery

Creators: Muhammad Ahmad Khan, Bisma Shah Gilani, Ghania Imran, Rida, Zarva Akbar,
Shahmeer Khan

This project carried traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, creating a jute fabric
garment adorned with captivating cultural embroidery. The use of eco-friendly materials and
techniques highlights the theme of “Innovation Meets Sustainability,” promoting a conscious
approach to fashion by preserving cultural heritage through sustainable practices.

Tannery Treasure: Accessible Luxury Leather Accessories

Creators: Muhammad Jawwad Javed, Syed Wali Haider, Muhammad Zain Khan, Manaal
Afrooz, Pranjal Rani, Noor ul Huda

Tannery Treasure showcased luxury leather accessories designed to enhance everyday life.
Their collection includes corsets, detachable sleeves, shoulder accessories, and waist belts,
each meticulously crafted to blend timeless style with modern functionality. Tannery Treasure is
committed to making luxury accessible to all.

EcoFormal: Sustainable Graduation Gowns

Creators: Aazmir, Hussain, Roohi, Moneeba, Moosera

EcoFormal presented an innovative project focused on designing and producing graduation
gowns using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly practices. This initiative
promotes sustainability within the university community, educating students on sustainable
fashion practices and encouraging creativity and innovation in fashion design.

Denim Elegance: Modern Denim Saree

Creators: Faizan-ul-Haq (AMM), Rafid Ghaziani (TMM), Iqra Akbar (FDM), Muskan Hasija (TDT)

Denim Elegance introduced a modern twist to the traditional saree. The garment features
trousers made from 8-ounce blue denim, complemented by a blouse and hand sleeves crafted
from black sheep leather. Utilizing waste denim fabrics, stitched together to create a fall of
different shades, this product offers a unique and sustainable style.

Uplift Denim: Upcycled Fashion

Creators: Shanzay Nadeem, Aadla Firdos, Hafiz M. Muqsit, M. Umar bin Khalid, Javeria Ghulam

Uplift Denim showcased a collection of eco-friendly fashion items crafted from high-quality scrap
denim. Their range includes jewelry, scrunchies, hats, and footwear, each designed with
sustainability and style in mind. By choosing upcycled denim, consumers support a sustainable
future and contribute to reducing waste.

Bambino Bud: Galaxy-Themed Baby Products

Creators: Sana Mustafa (FDM), Hafsa Khayyam (AMM), Umal Bashar (TDT), Adnan Ali (TMM),
Abdul Majid (TMM)

Bambino Bud’s galaxy-themed collection is captivating with its innovative baby bag that converts
into a bed and an adventurous arch-climbing toy. These products combine cutting-edge design
with practical functionality, prioritizing quality, safety, and durability, and adding excitement and
convenience to the parenting journey.

FlipGear: Versatile Backpack-Hoodie for the Dynamic Lifestyle

Creators: Tooba Fatima (TMM-3A), Sameera Qureshi (TDT-4A) – Group Leader, Abdullah
Sohail (AMM-3B), Asmara Shahid (FDM-4A)

FlipGear introduced a versatile product that transitions seamlessly from a stylish, spacious
backpack to a cozy, protective hoodie in seconds. Perfect for commuting, outdoor adventures,
and everyday use, FlipGear combines fashion with functionality, crafted with high-quality,
durable materials to ensure users stay prepared Anytime, Anywhere.

Zip & Switch: Outdoor Apparel

Creators: Syeda Fiba Fatima, Syed Hadi, Zubia, Ramsha, Taha, Ali

Zip & Switch presented high-performance, stylish, and sustainable outdoor apparel for
adventurers. Their range of hiking clothing meets the demands of both casual hikers and
seasoned explorers, ensuring a comfortable and eco-friendly outdoor experience.

Celebrating Student Success and Innovation

This showcase not only highlights the incredible work and dedication of our students but also
underscores the importance of creativity, sustainability, and innovation in product development.
The collaborative approach, involving students from TDT, TMM, AMM, FDM, and IMM, enabled
them to work with diverse teams, fostering a deeper understanding of diversity and culture.
Supervised by the esteemed Dr. Umair A. Siddiqui, we are immensely proud of their
achievements and look forward to witnessing their future contributions to the world of design
and manufacturing. Stay tuned for more highlights and future events at the Textile Institute of


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Ali Kazmi

Director Marketing

SM Denim Mills Pakistan

I owe a significant part of my professional success to my alma mater, the Textile Institute of Pakistan, where I earned my BSC Hons in Textile Sciences. The knowledge and skills I acquired during my time at TIP laid the foundation for my rapid career growth. The institute’s strong industry connections and emphasis on practical learning provided me with a unique edge in the job market.
Within a short span, I achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the youngest General Manager of Marketing in the industry at just 28 years old. Today, as a Director of Marketing for the past five years, I continue to excel in my field, leveraging the expertise and confidence instilled in me by my education at TIP.
I am forever grateful to my alma mater for shaping my career trajectory and enabling me to reach new heights.

Sarim Mehmood

CEO and Founder

Fruit of Sustainability

TIP is not just a university but a unique community that enabled me to walk on paths not previously taken, initiate new ventures, and drive change. It was at TIP that I found a nurturing environment filled with mentors who inspired me, peers who challenged me, and resources that empowered me. This support system was instrumental as I led organizations in C-level leadership roles at a very young age, gaining experiences that would have been unimaginable without the foundation laid by TIP. Eventually, this journey led to the founding of Fruit of Sustainability, Pakistan’s first tech company specializing in digital social and environmental due diligence SaaS platforms which is set to revolutionize the Textiles and Apparel Industry in Pakistan. The entire journey is deeply and profoundly attributed to TIP.

Kashif J. Abbasi

Deputy General Manager, Retail Operations & Business Development


The time I spent at TIP campus had been the most important part of my career. It has given me confidence to achieve something that i used to believe as impossible. TIP has been a multicultural institute where I got the opportunity to engage with people of various cultural backgrounds from across Pakistan. We were valued, pampered and sculptured for the country’s textile industry. Due to the high quality of education and personal brought up I received at TIP, I am being valued today in the textile industry.

Hassan Essani

Regional Head


It’s an honor for me to be associated with TIP from the first day in this gigantic place till I graduated. Graduating from this prestigious institute constituted my launching point in the textile industry and though I’m very well off on my way there. My gratitude to the teachers and the institute as I’ll always believe they had an immense significance in getting me where I am today.

Urooj Mughal

Deputy General Manager


An unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with the dedication of the faculty, equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of textiles. I am filled with immense gratitude for the pivotal role Textile Institute of Pakistan has played in shaping my career and professional growth.

Ch. Haziq Ahmed



Entering the Textiles Institute of Pakistan back in ’05 kicked off my journey to where I am today. It wasn’t just about hitting the books; it was the whole vibe. The professors? They were like our industry sherpas, mixing theory with real-world stories that got us buzzing about business. They didn’t just teach; they inspired. And outside class? It was a hub of creativity and teamwork, where we bounced ideas off each other and dreamed big. The institute didn’t just give me skills; it lit a fire in me to tackle anything that came my way. So, yeah, big shoutout to my alma mater for shaping me into the entrepreneur I’ve become.