BS Textile Science

Delve into the fascinating world of Textile Science, where curiosity meets precision. In this program, you’ll unravel the mysteries of fibers, fabrics, and materials, gaining insight into their properties, performance, and applications. Through cutting-edge research and practical experiments, you’ll develop a deep understanding of textile structures and behaviors, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations and advancements in the field.

Admission Criteria

We require candidates to meet the minimum entry test requirements for our undergraduate programs.

Test guidelines

Test Guidelines

Admission test and interview are crucial for selecting undergraduate candidates. Priority is given to those who excel in these assessments.

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Financial Aid

The Textile Institute of Pakistan ensures that deserving students can pursue their academic goals unhindered by financial constraints.

Curriculum Structure and Courses

In our Textile Science program, students explore into the scientific principles underlying the properties and behaviors of textiles. Courses cover the chemical and physical properties of fibers, yarns, and fabrics, as well as the processes involved in textile manufacturing and finishing. Students learn to analyze and evaluate textiles using advanced testing methods and instrumentation, gaining insights into topics such as textile performance, durability, and environmental impact. Additionally, coursework may include studies in textile chemistry, fiber morphology, textile testing standards, and quality control measures. Through laboratory experiments and research projects, students develop critical thinking skills and technical expertise essential for careers in textile research, development, and quality assurance.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
COMP-101Computer Concepts3
ENGL-101English Language Basics3
TXCH-102General Chemistry4
TEXT-175Introduction to Textile Manufacturing3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
COMP-102Computer Applications3
ENGL-102English Composition3
TEXT-176Natural & Manmade Fibres3
TXCH-104Organic Chemistry4
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
PKST-100/200Pakistan Studies2
ECON-201Business Economics3
ENGL-201Oral Communication2
MGMT-201Principles of Management3
PHYS-201Conceptual Physics4
TEXT-201Yarn Formation3
MTSC-215Polymer Science4
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ECON-201Business Economics3
MATH-202Business Maths & Statistics3
TEXT-202Fabric Technology3
TEXT-220Textile Testing2
BUSS-250Business Communication3
TXCH-250Textile Pre-treatment& Machinery4
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
MRKT-301Principles of Marketing3
TEXT-301Spinning Mechanisms3
TXCH-304Textile Dyeing-I4
TEXT-312Weaving Mechanisms3
MGMT-390Production & Operations Management3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
MGMT-301Research Methodology3
TEXT-302Knitting Technology3
TEXT-303High Performance& Smart Textiles3
TEXT-312Introduction to Weave Designs3
TXCH-316Textile Dyeing II4
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ENVT-401Environmental Management3
TEXT-428Textile Research Project3
TXCH-457Textile Printing & Coating4
Elective I3
Elective II3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
TXCH-422Fiber Science4
TEXT-428Textile Research Project3
TXCH-458Textile Finishing4
Elective III3
Elective IV3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
APRL-401Apparel Manufacturing3
TEXT-403Advanced Fibre Processing3
TEXT-411Advanced Woven Fabric Structure& Design3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
MRKT-401Export Marketing3
TEXT-405Textile Merchandizing3
TEXT-471Plant Layout & Design3


Fee Structure

Our competitive fee structure, encompassing tuition, transportation, hostel, insurance, and others are detailed here.



Sample test 1

Test Sample

Our sample test gives an idea of what to expect in the aptitude test.

Program Faculty

Our faculty comprises accomplished scholars, researchers, and industry experts dedicated to nurturing brilliance and fostering innovation. Through mentorship, they inspire creativity and guide students toward success, preparing them to excel in their fields and make meaningful contributions to society.

Ali Kazmi

Director Marketing

SM Denim Mills Pakistan

I owe a significant part of my professional success to my alma mater, the Textile Institute of Pakistan, where I earned my BSC Hons in Textile Sciences. The knowledge and skills I acquired during my time at TIP laid the foundation for my rapid career growth. The institute’s strong industry connections and emphasis on practical learning provided me with a unique edge in the job market.
Within a short span, I achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the youngest General Manager of Marketing in the industry at just 28 years old. Today, as a Director of Marketing for the past five years, I continue to excel in my field, leveraging the expertise and confidence instilled in me by my education at TIP.
I am forever grateful to my alma mater for shaping my career trajectory and enabling me to reach new heights.

Sarim Mehmood

CEO and Founder

Fruit of Sustainability

TIP is not just a university but a unique community that enabled me to walk on paths not previously taken, initiate new ventures, and drive change. It was at TIP that I found a nurturing environment filled with mentors who inspired me, peers who challenged me, and resources that empowered me. This support system was instrumental as I led organizations in C-level leadership roles at a very young age, gaining experiences that would have been unimaginable without the foundation laid by TIP. Eventually, this journey led to the founding of Fruit of Sustainability, Pakistan’s first tech company specializing in digital social and environmental due diligence SaaS platforms which is set to revolutionize the Textiles and Apparel Industry in Pakistan. The entire journey is deeply and profoundly attributed to TIP.

Kashif J. Abbasi

Deputy General Manager, Retail Operations & Business Development


The time I spent at TIP campus had been the most important part of my career. It has given me confidence to achieve something that i used to believe as impossible. TIP has been a multicultural institute where I got the opportunity to engage with people of various cultural backgrounds from across Pakistan. We were valued, pampered and sculptured for the country’s textile industry. Due to the high quality of education and personal brought up I received at TIP, I am being valued today in the textile industry.

Hassan Essani

Regional Head


It’s an honor for me to be associated with TIP from the first day in this gigantic place till I graduated. Graduating from this prestigious institute constituted my launching point in the textile industry and though I’m very well off on my way there. My gratitude to the teachers and the institute as I’ll always believe they had an immense significance in getting me where I am today.

Urooj Mughal

Deputy General Manager

Bsc Gul Ahmed

An unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with the dedication of the faculty, equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of textiles. I am filled with immense gratitude for the pivotal role Textile Institute of Pakistan has played in shaping my career and professional growth.

Ch. Haziq Ahmed



Entering the Textiles Institute of Pakistan back in ’05 kicked off my journey to where I am today. It wasn’t just about hitting the books; it was the whole vibe. The professors? They were like our industry sherpas, mixing theory with real-world stories that got us buzzing about business. They didn’t just teach; they inspired. And outside class? It was a hub of creativity and teamwork, where we bounced ideas off each other and dreamed big. The institute didn’t just give me skills; it lit a fire in me to tackle anything that came my way. So, yeah, big shoutout to my alma mater for shaping me into the entrepreneur I’ve become.