The need for establishment TIP was felt keeping in mind the Textile Industry which is the largest industrial sector of Pakistan. The country’s textile sector not only generates the country’s highest export earnings of about 45%, it also provides the bulk of employment (39%) to a largely underutilized work force. The reason for this underutilization lies primarily in poor managerial efficiencies, low still levels and inadequate literacy of employed workforce.

Recognizing the need to fill the much growing vacuum, TIP was founded in 1994 under the aegis of APTMA in affiliation with University of Clemson. Initially, TIP’s course content and syllabi were developed by faculty at the Clemson University, USA with which there was a student exchange program for the award of degrees.

In 2001, TIP was awarded a degree awarding charter by Government of Sindh. TIP is authorized to award its own degrees under recognition of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

In the past, TIP has also enjoyed a higher education link with the University of Manchester, UK through the British Council. Credits obtained at TIP are still transferable, and a number of students have completed their 4 years undergraduate programs with a UoM degree after completing their initial 2 years at TIP.

The key objective of TIP was to provide professional education and training to a new class of young professionals by honing their managerial and scientific skills in addition to providing necessary theoretical knowledge.

Realizing the importance of this segment to Pakistan’s export potential, the Export Promotion Bureau has played a significant role in the development of TIP in the shape of generous financial assistance through the EDF (export development fund).

Since its establishment, TIP has served the needs of industry to a large extent and is gearing up its resources to meet their further requirements. So far, all TIP graduates have been taken up by the domestic textile industry as well as non-textile sectors, barring those who have gone abroad in pursuit of higher education.

In 2007, TIP established its first research centre, Textile Research & Innovation Centre (TRIC) aimed at promoting advanced materials research in the field of technical textiles.

It has always been the core objective of TIP to align its operations with its vision, mission and core values which has enabled it to achieve, and continue achieving international academic and research excellence.