Textile Institute Students Forum (TISF)

Textile Institute Students Forum (TISF) TISF is as old as TIP. The need for a common student’s voice was felt as soon as the first academic session started at TIP, so that student problems could be communicated to the management effectively.

The class representatives formed this body in response to this need in September 1994.

TISF is in its 20th year, and the aim is to provide quality entertainment and sports activities to the students.

TISF consists of a three member governing body, headed by a President. This governing body is elected every year. Class representative’s make-up the Executive Committee, which helps the Governing Body, plan and organize different events. TISF 2018-2019

President: Omer Kamran
Financial Secretary: Ubaid Bin Nasir
General Secretary: Amsal Hirani
Drama Society Chair: Huzaifa Nawaz
Entrepreneurship Society Chair: Ali Sadique
Literary and Public Speaking Society Chair: Nida Tariq
Sports Society Chair: Mohammad Hamza
Contact Email Address: tisf@tip.edu.pk

Students are encouraged to participate with faculty and staff in academic matters and extra curricular activities. Student representatives are invited to join the library, hostel and accommodation committees.

The Sports Committee regularly organizes different tournaments.TISFThe Singers Junction has been regularly coming up with excellent programs to test the talents of TIP students.

Ranging from student newsletters, sports activities to the green society there’s ample variety for students to choose activities that interest them.

Student activities are also organized by the TISF concerned with sports, arts and culture, and publications. Student members are elected annually from each class.

A faculty member is appointed by the President, to each of these committees in order to provide guidance and to facilitate implementation of decisions.