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Millennial Fashion Week 2017



TIP final year students were selected by the Fashion Pakistan Council to exhibit their work in the Millennial Fashion Show on 12th November, 2017 held at PC, Karachi. It was an immense exposure for the students to see and veritably experience how the fashion industry works.

TIP is extremely thankful to the Fashion Pakistan Council and TDAP for providing this amazing opportunity. TIP had two segments in the show:

1. Amna Shah and Rida Ashir Designer Collection

Amna Shah and Rida Ashir Designer Collection

Amna Shah and Rida Ashir are upcoming designers from the graduating class of Textile Institute of Pakistan. For them colours have always been the source of their inspiration. Fashion education has been instrumental in brushing the skills of these two young designers, who have primarily been focusing on the French techniques of garment construction which has significantly enhanced the quality giving value addition, a primary goal of Textile Institute of Pakistan in contribution to the export of Pakistan.

The concept of this collection was to either develop a consumer product or an individual product in collaboration with the industry. The product had to sell in the end and if it doesn’t sell the student loses marks.

The students came up with the concept and developed into a prototype, which could be an enhancement to the existing product or an innovation, based on the philosophy of a brand or designer and then developed a product. A mature valuable product for the end user, this product had to be a fashion item. Respectively, the designs by the aforementioned were selected by an international buyer and have already been produced and retailed in America.

Showing the following steps:
1. Concept implementation of the design.
2. Practical application and production of the design.
3. Collaborate and mediate with the brand. (optional)
4. Complete the entire design with a mature prototype.

The Students’ learning outcomes:
1. Concept implementation of the design realization evidently showing that product meets the criteria of the
designer concept.
2. Practical articulation and consultation of design.
3. Comprehension of the process involved in designing a product of the specific industry.

TIP has a very well established Fashion Department with state of the art equipment and highly experienced faculty trained by French experts.

TIP has the following faculties, which work with clothing technology:
(1) BBA (Hons) Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandizing
(2) BBA (Hons) Fashion Design Management