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1. What courses are being offered at TIP?
2. What is the minimum requirement to apply for undergraduate courses?
3. What is the duration of undergraduate courses offered at TIP?
4. Where can I purchase the admission pack?
5. What is the cost of the admission pack?
6. I have taken Intermediate (2nd year) exam this year and results are expected later, am I eligible to apply at TIP?
7. What is the fee structure at TIP?
8. Can I pay my fees in installments?
9. What do you mean by Credit Hour?
10. How many credit hours are required to graduate?
11. I have taken combined 1st and 2nd year intermediate exam. Can I apply at TIP?
12. What is the criteria for applying for financial assistance?
13. Do you offer any scholarship in the first semester?
14. I have failed one subject in intermediate (first year) am I eligible to apply as I have undertaken all second year as well as the failed first year subject?
15. I have done F.Sc. (Computer Science) with Maths, Physics and Computers. Can I apply for the B.Sc. (Hons) Textile Science Program?
16. I have not done intermediate, instead I have a technical diploma. Am I eligible for your programmes?
17. Is there any possibility of transferring credit hours to TIP's Programs?
18. What are the job prospects after graduating from TIP?
19. I want to sit in both B.Sc. (Hons) Textile Science and BBA (Hons) Textile Management and Marketing admission test, is it possible?
20. What is the admission criterion at TIP?
21. From where should I prepare for my admission test?
22. Is TIP affiliated with any Institution?
23. Are the degrees awarded by TIP recognized?
24. Where is the main campus situated?
25. Does TIP provide its students with transport facility?
26. Do you conduct admission tests anywhere else than Karachi?
27. If I do not qualify for TIP's financial assistance program, is there any other possibilities of funding?
28. I reside outside Karachi and I have downloaded the admission form your website. Now I want to get myself registered for your test, what is the procedure?
29. Do you have on campus hostel facilities?
30. Can Karachi based students use the hostel facility?