Publications in Research Impact Factor International Journals

Textile Institute of Pakistan announces the research collaboration with the H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi that has resulted in two more research publications in international research journals bearing a good impact factor in the name of the Institute (TIP).

These publications are imperative to earn some points during HEC-IP (Institutional Performance Evaluation) and CIEC-Government of Sindh (Chartered Inspection Committee) visits as we got in their previous visits (List of previous publications enclosed).

The Institute has a good team of researchers (mentioned below), and will thrive to revive its (TRIC, Textile Research and Innovation Center).

1) Dr. Abdul Jabbar (Ph.D., Textile Chemistry), Dean.
2) Ms. Sidra Safdar (M.Phil, Registered for Ph.D.), Assistant Professor
3) Shafia Sagheer (M.Phil, Textile Chemistry), Lab Incharge.
4) Syed Ahmad Khizar (Registered in M.Phil).
5) Tahir Hafeez (Registered in Ph.D) visiting Faculty