Published Works by Mr. Afzal Adamjee. TIP Faculty co-authors paper on Pandemic impact and possible steps to respond to its effects (Garment Sector)

The authors delineated the pandemic situation and its impact, suggesting possible steps to respond concerning the Garment Sector

Coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) has a serious impact on the global economy in many ways, such as disruption of the supply chain, resulting in inventory shortages, closure of businesses, unemployment, and an increase in daily uncertainty. The clothing industry is one of the most heavily impacted victims of COVID-19. The study submits:
• A comprehensive overview of the pandemic situation all over the world and its effects on human health and business
• Disrupted supply chain affecting demand and supply
• Specific emphasis on pandemic impact in the following areas:
Lack of Supply
Labour Shortage
Lack of Demand
Temporary suspension of every kind of activity during Covid-19
• To suggest probable measures to counter Covid-10 in the Garment Sector. The study depicted how Pakistan’s exports in general and textiles, in particular, were affected.
• It is based on secondary source data and information obtained from the International Labour Organization (ILO), Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) World Health Organization (WHO).
• Probable road map for how to Respond Post-Pandemic World’s global supply chain.