Study Tour of Turkey 2019

A group of 17 students and three faculty members led by the Dean TIP, Dr. Abdul Jabbar departed for Turkey on the 11th January 2019 via Qatar Airways.
The objectives of the Study Tour were two fold. The first and foremost was to give our students an insight of the work and research being conducted there. It supplemented the various theories acquired in the classroom for a simultaneous understanding and application. The second was to appreciate the historical and cultural development of the Ottoman Empire and eventual transformation into a republic and democracy. The trip lasted for 11 days and included destinations such as Cappadocia, Pamukalle, Bursa, Izmir, Qusadasi, Esphesus and Istanbul.

The tour involved three distinct components:

1. Meetings (15 & 18 Jan, 19) with the Dean and Faculty Members at University of Economics, Izmir and Istanbul technical University, Istanbul, to discuss collaborative research opportunities, students/faculty exchange programs, workshops, trainings. The students were also given a detailed tour of the campus and interactive sessions were conducted at the end of each visit.

2. Attendance at the Turkey Lifestyle 2019 Exhibition at Istanbul Congress Centre, a three day event on “Modest Fashion”. This included keynote contributions from speakers with international reputations.

3. Apart from the educational visits, the students were also given a tour of the historical landmarks including the awe inspiring Fairy Chimnies, Hierapolis, Thermal Pools, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar, Pierre Loti Hill and many more historical places in each city. These visits familiarized the students with the rich Ottoman history and diverse culture and proved to be an eyeful of breathtaking architecture.

The Study Tour contributed to and enhanced our understanding of Turkey, a nation at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity for all the members of the group and would always be cherished. It will surely play a vital role in having an edge in all our future endeavours.